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*PI: Principal Investigator **CI:Co-Investigator

===Affiliation abbreviation===
AIOFM-CAS:Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
ARPA-VDA : Agence Regionale Protextion Environment Callee d'Aoste
CMA : Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China Meteorological Administration
CNR-ISAC: Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council of Italy
JMA : Japan Meteorological Agency
KIER : Korea Institute of Energy Research
IAP-CAS : Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
IMD : India Meteorological Department
MRI : Meteorological Research Institute
MUST: Mongolian University of Science and Technology
NIES: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
NIMS: National Institute of Meteorological Sciences
NIPR: National Institute of Polar Research
NIWA: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
SNU : Seoul National University
TMD : Thai Meteorological Department
XAUT: Xi'an University of Techology