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Participants in the international ground-based observation network SKYNET (hereinafter referred to as "SKYNET") who own SKYNET-related instruments (hereinafter referred to as "Participant") and data users who are not participants in SKYNET but use processed data published by SKYNET (hereinafter referred to as "Data user") shall follow the policy stipulated below when handling SKYNET-related observation and analysis data.

  1. Paricipants: "Level 1 data (raw data)" achieved by the Regional Subnetwork will be mirrored to International SKYNET Data Center as promptly as possible on the best effort basis, following data provision condition prescribed in "Memorandum of Understanding for Participation in SKYNET".

  2. SKYNET shall produce standard geophysical parameters (hereinafter referred to as "Level 2 data (processed data)") and manage both raw and processed data appropriately.

  3. Participants can use Level 2 data (processed data), however, they should acknowledge free use of SKYNET data in a publication or presentation using the data.

  4. SKYNET shall open Level 2 data (processed data) to the public if the participant agrees.

  5. SKYNET and Data users shall not redistribute Level 1 data (raw data) to any third party without obtaining prior permission from the data owners. In addition, Participants shall not redistribute the other owner's raw data to any third party without obtaining prior permission from the data owners.

  6. Participants (owners) should be acknowledged or co-authorship offered if external data users do a free use of SKYNET data, sporadically or massively, in a publication or presentation using SKYNET data, because the SKYNET data are property belonging jointly to Participants and the SKYNET international organization.

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